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2D and 3D Seismic Acquisition


High End Acquisition Technology



At GEOSEIS SERVICES, we recognize the diverse range of field conditions and geophysical requirements that our projects entail. As a result, we have implemented a policy of assigning equipment on a project-by-project basis, ensuring optimal alignment with specific project needs. This approach allows us to efficiently cater to the unique requirements of each endeavor.

In practice, our equipment possesses the flexibility to be relocated between countries based on project demands. This dynamic allocation enables us to effectively respond to changing circumstances and ensure the availability of suitable resources wherever they are needed.

For every project, the selection and quantity of equipment are determined in accordance with the actual acquisition parameters. These parameters, in turn, vary depending on the specific geophysical conditions and geological objectives associated with each undertaking. By meticulously tailoring our equipment choices, we strive to achieve optimal results and maximize operational efficiency in line with project-specific requirements.

We have at our disposal a fleet of Vibrators, heavy trucks and modern vehicles as well as various equipment, hardware and software that allow us to perform high-quality and high-productivity geophysical services in various conditions.


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