Electromagnetic Impulse Source - Yenisey KEM-4

Geophysics is one of the most knowledge-intensive areas of mineral resource management. Subsurface studies rely on high technology, and the processing of seismic data requires high performance computers running sophisticated software.
Finding new oil and gas fields becomes more challenging with every year and calls for continuous development of geophysics and innovation.
Notably, it is East Siberian geophysicists who made and brought on stream the innovative Yenisei electromagnetic pulse source.

Yenisei is a proprietary product of Geotech Seismic Services production facility Evenkiyageophysika. This unique equipment made in Siberia is unparalleled on a global scale and captures the interest of experts across the world, as Yenisei is an environmentally-friendly non-explosive seismic prospecting method that offers a unique take on the electromagnetic shock technology.
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