HT-5 geophones

At present the company produces various kinds of geophones at about one million per year.

Only trained and certified specialists are permitted to manufacture of the products.

In accordance with the production engineering the parts pass through different operating steps and control.

Sensor parameters HT-5
Parameter Value
Natural Frequency (Hz) 5±10%
Open Circuit Damping 0.70±5%
Open Circuit Sensitivity (v/m/s) 98.0±5%
Coil Resistance (Ω) 1800±5%
Harmonic Distortion (%) ≤0.2
Typical Spurious Frequency (Hz) ≥250
Moving Mass (g) 15.8
Allowable Tilt (°) 10°
Typical Case To Coil Motion (mm) 2
Unit Diameter (mm) 27.3
Unit Height (mm) 33.5
Unit Mass (g) 105
Operating Temperature (℃) -40℃...+80℃