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GEOSEIS SERVICES, a geophysical service company aimed at providing exploration services for petroleum companies and carrying out other associated works in the oil and gas field. The main activity of the company is performing 2D-3D seismic prospecting and exploration surveys as well as processing and interpretation of geophysical data. GEOSEIS SERVICES uses the latest equipment and high-performance software created by leading manufacturers. Company’s primary goal – the most perfect and high standard performance of all requirements of its clients. GEOSEIS SERVICES personnel is thoroughly following the newest trends in the world market of geophysical services, marking and choosing the innovative equipment and software. GEOSEIS SERVICES accumulates and makes use of human resources and intellectual potential of geologists and geophysicists with extensive experience in regions with different geologic structure, in the fields of various geologic and industrial types.
GEOSEIS SERVICES’s main components of success are saving and creative use of experience, technologies, best industry practices in combination with efficient management, cutting edge technologies, commitment to continuous improvement in solving geologic tasks and issues of our Clients. Worldwide prospecting and exploration of new oil and gas fields are based on extensive use of various methods of seismic surveys. Our Company possesses the newest wireless equipment, software, adequately trained personnel, and sufficient technical and material resources for providing the whole range of seismic works, from design to data processing and interpretation. Health, safety and environmental protection are constant priorities of our Company. All projects are carried out with the help of modern equipment and according to OGP and IAGC international HSE standards. Our Company’s quality management system is based on the requirements of ISO 9001.


  • Become the first African leader

  • Expand later in other regions of Africa

  • Expand in North Africa

  • Develop the best Tunisian Team


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